• CYFD Acronyms

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 Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:21 pm
AART-Adoption and Adolescent Review Team (Years ago)
ACLSA-Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment
ADA-American with Disabilities Act
AFCARS-Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
AFDC-Aid to Families with Dependent Children
ALTSD-Aging and Long Term Services Department
APA-Adoption Placement Agreement
APD-Albuquerque Police Department
APS-Adult Protective Services/Albuquerque Public Schools
APSR-Annual Progress and Services Report
ARCA – Association for Retarded Citizens of Albuquerque
ART-Adoption Review Team
ASAP- As Soon As Possible
ASFA- Adoption and Safe Families Act 1997
BIP-Best Interest Placement
BIT-Bureau of Information and Technology
BSW-Baccalaureate in Social Work
C&S-Care and Support
CAN-Child Abuse and Neglect
CANS- Child and Adolescent Needs and Strength
CAPTA- Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act
CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocate
CBHC-Certified Behavior Health Clinician
CCA-Children’s Court Attorney
CCR-Concurrent Clinical Review
CCSS-Comprehensive Community Support Services
CFSP-Child and Family Services Plan
CFSR-Child & Family Services Review
CIR-Critical Incident Review
CIT-Crisis Intervention Team
CMS – Children’s Medical Services
COC-Communities of Care
COM-County Office Manager
COP-Change of Plan
CPH-Children’s Psychiatric Hospital
CPS-Child Protective Services
CQI-Continuous Quality Improvement
CRB-Citizen Review Board
CRC-Criminal Record Check
CSA-Client Service Agent/Core Service Agency
CUE-Continuing Education Units
CW-Case Worker
CYFD-Children, Youth, & Families Department
DA-District Attorney
DOB – Date of Birth
DOC – Date of Custody
DHS-Department of Homeland Security
DHS-USCIS-Department of Homeland Security’s Citizen and Immigration Services
DPS-New Mexico Department of Public Safety
DV-Domestic Violence
EA-Emotional Abuse
ECS – Early Childhood Services
ECS FIELD- Early Childhood Services Field (Daycares)
ECS HOME LICENSING- Early Childhood Services Licensing in Home Visits
EN-Emotional Neglect/Educational Neglect
ENMU-Eastern New Mexico University
EDA-Employee Development & Appraisal
EDF-Emergency Discretionary Funds
EE-Employee Evaluation
EI-Early Intervention
EPSDT-Early & Periodic Screening, Diagnostic & Treatment Services
ERB-Employee Relations Bureau
ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival
ETV-Education and Training Voucher
FACTS-Family Automated Client Tracking System
FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FC – Foster Care
FCC-Foster Care Candidacy
FCM-Family Centered Meeting
FFT-Functional Family Therapy
FGDM-Family Group Decision Making
FINCOS-Family In Need of Court Ordered Services
FINS-Family in Need of Services
FIT-Family, Infant Toddler Program
FOC-Father of Child
FOL-Foundations of Leadership
FOP-Foundations of Practice
FTE-Full Time Employee
FS-Family Services
FY-Fiscal Year
GAL-Guardian Ad Litem
GED-General Educational Development
GPA-Grade Point Average
HIPAA-Health Information Privacy & Portability Act
HMO-Health Maintenance Organization
HOA-Hearing Officer Administrator
HV-Home Visit
HSD-CSED-Human Services Department Child Support Enforcement
ICE-Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICPC-Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
ICWA-Indian Child Welfare Act
IDEA-Disabilities Education Act
IEP-Individual Education Plan
IEPA-Inter Ethnic Placement Act
IFSP-Individual Family Service Plan
IHC-Indian Health Center
IHS-In Home Services/Indian Health Services
IAPC-Initial Assessment Planning Conference
ICJ-Interstate Compact for the Placement of Juveniles
IJR-Initial Judicial Review
IL-Independent Living
ILPS-Independent Living Placement Status
IR-Incident Report
ISD-Income Support Division
ITA-Intent To Adopt
ITS-Information Technology Services
J&D-Judgment & Disposition
JJS-Juvenile Justice Services
JPPO-Juvenile Probation/Parole Officer
JR-Judicial Review
LADAC-Licensed Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor
LBSW-Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker
LE-Law Enforcement
LISW-Licensed Independent Social Worker
LMSW-Licensed Master Social Worker
LOC-Level of Care
LOC – Letter of Concern
LOR – Letter of Reprimand
LOS-Length of Stay
LPCC-Licensed Practitioner Clinical Counseling
MCO-Managed Care Organizations
MDT-Multi-Disciplinary Team
MEPA- Multi-Ethnic Placement Act
MFD-Memorandum For Decision
MIC – Months in Care
MOC-Mother Of Child
MOU-Memorandum Of Understanding
MSLC-Minimum Sufficient Level of Care
MST-Multi-Systemic Therapy
MSW-Master in Social Work
NCANDS-National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System
NEO-New Employee Orientation
NMHU-New Mexico Highlands University
NMSU-New Mexico State University
NRAE-Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses
NYTD-National Youth in Transition Database
OFM-Office of Facilities Management
OGC-Office of General Counsel
OIC-Officer In Charge
OIG-Office of Inspector General’s Office
OJT-On the Job Training
OSRI-Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions
OTS-Office of The Secretary
PA-Physical Abuse
PACA-Post Adoption Contract Agreement
PAYA-Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood
PC-Placement Change
PIG-Program Instruction Guideline
PIO-Public Information Officer
PIP-Program Improvement Plan
PN-Physical Neglect
PO-Probation Officer
POC-Plan of Care
PPC-Policy and Procedure Coordinator
PPLA-Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
PPW-Permanency Planning Worker
PRIDE-Parent’s Resource for Info, Development & Education
PRT-Placement Review Team
PS-Protective Services
PSD-Protective Services Division
PSA-Public Service Advertisement
QA-Quality Assurance
RAFT-Relative, Adoptive, Foster Training
RMS-Random Moment Sampling
ROM- Results Oriented Management
RTC-Residential Treatment Center
SA-Sexual Abuse
SACWIS-Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System
SAFE-Structured Analysis Family Evaluation© home study
SANE-Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
SART-Sexual Abuse Response Team
SCI-Statewide Centralized Intake
SDM-Structured Decision Making
SFL-Situational Frontline leadership
SHARE-Statewide Human Resources, Accounting & Management Reporting System
SIL-Semi-Independent Living
SIJS-Special Immigrant Juvenile Status
SPO-State Personal Office
SSBG-Title XX Social Services Block Grant
SSD-Social Security Disability
SSI-Supplemental Security Income
SSN-Social Security Number
SSW-Senior Social Worker
SW-Social Worker
SWS-Social Worker Supervisor
TANF-Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
TC-Treatment Coordinator
TCM-Targeted Case Management
TDM-Team Decision Making
TFC-Treatment/Therapeutic Foster Care
TFP-Treatment Foster Parent
TPC-Treatment Planning Conference
TTM-Treatment Team Meeting
TPR-Termination of Parental Rights
UA-Urine Analysis
UCR-Uniform Case Record
UNM-University of New Mexico
UNMH-University of New Mexico Hospital
VFS-Voluntary Family Services
VSI-Voluntary Services Intake
WNMU-Western New Mexico University
YA-Youth Attorney
YCS-Youth Care Specialist
YDDC-Youth Diagnostic & Development Center
YDI-Youth Development Incorporated
YTS-Youth Transition Specialist
VA-Veteran’s Administration
VAWA-Violence against Women Act
VO-Value Options
VSI-Voluntary Service Intake
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 Fri Oct 28, 2016 12:11 pm
Thank you Pita for posting this, I've always wondered what some of the acronyms that CYFD uses are. Thanks again, much appreciated.
 #1839  by Clarente
 Tue Jan 23, 2018 11:59 pm
Yes thanks Pita, I've bookmarked this as most of them I had no idea of the meaning!